Warrior Woman

Experiencing Victory Through Everyday Struggles


Author Heather Rodin longs for women to know that underlying all of their insecurities, fears, guilt and shame there stands a warrior. A warrior woman capable of becoming armed and dangerous! A warrior woman equipped by God to live in victory over Satan and the spiritual forces of his dark domain.

Learn to effectively wield your weapon, the Sword of the Spirit, and become all that God intended you to be—more than a conqueror—living in freedom and joy as a beloved daughter of the King!

I encourage you to join Heather on this life-giving journey.
Judi Peers, Publisher, Speaker,
Author of Playing Second Fiddle: God’s Heart For Harmony Regarding Women and the Church

Looking back on the many years of raising our six kids, I wish I knew then what I’ve learned over the past few years. The struggle would have been less, and the peace would have been greater. Yet, I believe it’s never too late for understanding a truth that will empower us for the challenges ahead.

God knew our journey before He created us, and has a plan for every single day. I rest in this, and revel in the joy of sharing God’s provision for His women to walk in victory, regardless of what Satan throws at us.

Warrior Woman takes us on an adventure of discovering spiritual secrets through true stories, illustrations and Biblical truth. We’ll learn how to experience victory over struggles and joy through troubles, able to live in perfect peace and power.

Heather Rodin


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